The Iconic Augusta Experience 2022

Apr 29, 2022 | Golf

Augusta azaleas

The Augusta Experience; whether you like golf or not, it’s on every sport fanatic’s bucket list! From the practice rounds to the tournament itself, it’s all iconic. The Augusta course isn’t only known for hosting the greatest golf tournament in sports. With thousands of Azaleas, Dogwood trees, and Pine trees, it has an unrivaled beauty. Many visitors come solely for the lovely walk around the course and to take in its aesthetic.

Every day begins at West Lake Country Club with a buffet breakfast and an endless flow of mimosas and bloody marys. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? After a bite to eat and a mimosa or two, you’ll be on your way to the course! After spending the day wandering around the grounds of Augusta, you are welcomed back to West Lake where dinner is served and the bar is ready. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the experience!

Eat, drink, golf, repeat! Be a part of the most prestigious tournament in the world. There is no other way to experience Augusta. The package includes your private, executive home located in the same gated subdivision as West Lake, all-inclusive food and drink, course tickets, and 24-hour TripNerd concierge service available throughout your time in Augusta.

Book your 2023 Augusta Experience! You won’t regret this once in a lifetime experience!