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The Benefits of Using Our Concierge Service?

To understand the benefits of concierge services for event tickets, it is helpful to consider both the employee and employer perspectives. For partners, a concierge can save the day, removing loads of stress that may have been building up for hours or even days. A concierge service shows clients they are valued, which increases engagement.

Less Stress, Less Time, More Savings

Less Stress

Peace of Mind

The mounting pressure from needing to complete all of the to-do’s can really take a toll on you mentally. If a few tasks, such as securing great tickets and fan experience ideas, could be completed by a concierge, an instant weight would be lifted off of your shoulders. Instead of stressing over great event execution, you don’t have time to complete, clients have peace of mind and newfound time.

More Time

We’ve got you covered

Less stress is a great benefit on its own, but a concierge service also saves you time. Instead of spending time during lunch, after work or on the weekends researching access to events and great tickets, our concierge service allows you to take a break and have more time to focus on what matters to you and your business.

Discounts & Money Saved

Our Clients Save

TripNerd clients also benefit from vendor discounts offered by the concierge service. Concierges build relationships with vendors all across the world, securing discounts and saving customers money. In addition to decreased stress and more time, our clients value the savings realized from having a concierge service assist them.

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